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Planting our future

As the Hollies wrote way back in the 1970's - "....all I need is the air that I breathe..." and whilst perhaps they did not foresee the climate struggles we would face in the early 21st century, clean air is now one of our most precious and vulnerable commodites.

Blayds Group works with Ecologi who plant trees and support numerous global initiatives whose aim it is to help provide clean air for this and for future generations. Each month Blayds Group with the help of Ecologi plants 34 trees and supports projects such as landfill gas extraction and protection of the rainforests, resulting in an estimated 2.33T Carbon Reduction monthly. This monthly offset is equivalent to 7m2 of sea ice saved, 2 long haul flights or 5,781 miles driven in a car.

The Blayds Group understands the importance of minimising the impact our business has on global ecology and so is committed to support this global initiative. More information on how we work with Offset Earth, please visit our page on Ecologi

As of writing this, we have planted 260 trees, with an estimated 17.5t of carbon reduction! And that figure grows each and every month


But our commitment does not stop there. We will also ensure an additional 1% of our sales annually is added to the cause, so every time you buy a Blayds product you are helping to support global initiatives aimed at protecting our planet.

Current projects supported by Blayds Group include Mangrove planting in Madagascar, Bio Gas capture, building clean cooking stoves in Kenya and of course the planting of trees to help reduce CO2 and help produce the air that we breathe.....

If you would like to help support Blayds Group by contributing to this cause, please click here

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