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Ingress Protection, earthing, cable identification and pull-out resistance in one low-cost solution


Truly Universal

Omni by name, omni by nature.......

The Omni® accessory offers the unique facility of cable entry IP rating with high temperature silicone seal, external earthing, cable identification and additional cable support and pullout resistance, all-in-1 item. The Omni® Accessory also provides an extra fixing point for other accessories such as RFID tags, additional markers or a secondary earthing point etc.

Being truly universal, the Omni® Accessory can be fitted to almost any manufacturers cable gland and also allows for full inspection/disassembly of the cable gland as required.

Omni® cable gland accessory

Omni® accessory and the standards

How does the Omni® Accessory help you to conform to installation standards?

EN60079-14 - 10.3 Connections of cables to equipment


Cable glands shall be installed in a manner that after installation they are only capable of being released or dismantled by means of a tool.


If additional clamping is required to prevent pulling and twisting of the cable transmitting the forces to the conductor terminations inside the enclosure/connector, a clamp shall be provided, as close as practicable to the gland along the cable.


NOTE 1: Cable clamps within 300 mm of the end of the cable gland are preferred.


Cables shall be routed straight from the cable gland to avoid lateral tension that may compromise the seal around the cable.

BS6121:PART 5:1993 & IEC 62444

As specified in BS6121:Part 5:1993, the Omni Accessory when installed between the cable gland and equipment provides an earth connection. It also complies with the Category B rating specified in IEC 62444


Omni® accessory
Omni® accessory

One part - multiple benefits

  • Low cost

  • 6-in-1 features - earthing, sealing, cable identification, cable support, pull-out resistance plus secondary hole for bonding, tagging etc

  • Corrosion resistant nickel plated brass construction

Omni accessory for cable glands
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