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Prevent the build up of water in electrical aparatus


Abzorbz® moisture absorbing packs

Water ingress is a real and continual problem for electrical equipment, both in industrial and hazardous areas. Water ingress is a major cause of failure for example of luminaires and can lead to short circuits as well as corrosion of lamp contacts and wiring connections. This in turn can lead to arcing and the associated explosion risk if situated in a hazardous area.


Water is also known to cause premature ballast failure leading to increased risk of overheating.

How does it work

The Abzorbz® material is completely safe and non-toxic. The packs are constructed from a 2 part system - a water permeable membrane which allows moisture absorbency, and a moisture absorbing polymer which expands to maintain any liquid present. .

As equipment temperatures rise and fall as a result of day/night temperature fluctuations, or through temperature rises when equipment is running, this heating and cooling can cause condensation within equipment. Water is also known to travel through cables into equipment through capillary action. Despite often being rated IP66 and above, water will often find its way into equipment, with catastrophic or costly consequences.


With the ingress of water often unnoticed until periodic inspection or worse through equipment failure, Abzorbz® helps to prevent the damage that can be caused through water ingress.

Abzorbs® water ingress in electrical enclosure
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Abzorbs® water absorbing sachet

About Abzorbs®

Each Abzorbs® sachet measuring ca 100mm x 35mmwill absorb roughly 25-30ml of liquid, is self-regenerating and contains no charging mechanism - making it safe for use in most hazardous area equipment.*

Abzorbs® are delivered in packs of 10 sachets. For large volume enclosures, multiple Abzorbs® sachets can be used if deemed necessary. Suitable for use in T6 & T5 rated equipment


* whilst this is most likely the case, it may be prudent to check with manufacturers directly.

Where to use Abzorbs®

The Abzorbs® sachets can be used to help control water ingress in most electrical, non-electrical or mechanical equipment subject to:

  • High humidity & heavy rainfall

  • Large temperature fluctuations

  • Exposed outdoor locations

Equipment such as Ex lighting, enclosures, control panels, switchgear, motors, gearboxes etc can all benefit from the use of Abzorbs®

The sachets should be placed at the bottom of the equipment, placed towards a side/rear wall/face of the equipment, where condensation is most likely to accumulate. Care should be taken to keen the sachets away from live elements, and care must be taken to ensure that there is sufficient space for the Abzorbs® to expand when full - with an overall height of around 10mm


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