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A comprehensive range of tools designed for Cable Gland termination

Blayds Cable Gland termination tool kit contents

Cable Gland Termination Tool Kit

Our team has over 20 years experience in the on-site termination, preparation and inspection of Cable Glands. The Blayds Cable Gland Termination Kit includes everything you need (including some things that you didn't know you needed) to terminate cable glands - both Hazardous Area as well as Industrial Cable Gland styles. 

What is included

2 x Knipex 8603300 adjustable flat face wrenches (adjustable up to 60mm). Design ensures no cable gland damage, damage to plating of glands in a small profile unit

1 x Safety self-retracting stanley blade

1 x Hacksaw

1 x Electrician Scissors

1 x Braid Nips

1 x Nips (for kevlar braid, drain wires etc)

1 x Automatic Wire Stripper

1 x Ratchet cable cutter

1 x Set allen keys

1 x Insulated screwdriver set with interchangeable heads

1 x Automatic cable stripper

3 x Quick-release re-useable Cable Ties

1 x Pocket vernier

1 x Pair cut-resistant gloves

1 x Pair safety glasses

1 x Tool bag

Men terminating cable glands into an electrical enclosure
Cable Cutter
Blayds Cable Gland termination tool kit contents
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