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How learning can support all aspects of your business

In our world of increasing competition, it is the perception of your company and the service it provides that can set you apart. When your customers are happy, there’s a greater chance they’ll continue to do business with you over the long term. But what exactly can you do to make them happy?

It is important that everyone in your company has enough knowledge and skills to make communication comfortable and worthwhile for your clients, helping to propose solutions to problems based of true understanding of the customers situation and needs.

That becomes possible only when your employees are well trained and are truly experts in your field. And that’s where training comes in.

In the world of hazardous areas, an understanding is vital to help offer correct solutions and to promote safety through all aspects of the business.

Building a team of enthusiasts

An employee who knows the industry & products well and can offer guidance and advice become not just a “desk jockey” from a sales, support, or marketing department, but a dedicated and inspired enthusiast. This type of staff member can form part of a dedicated team with great motivation and amazing results.

Gaining credibility with customers

Hazardous Area training will help your sales team present your product convincingly, combat prospects’ objections, and gain their trust more easily.

Imagine, for example, a company offering Hazardous Area lighting products. Their internal sales team may well be able to respond to a customers request in the most basic terms – type of fitting required, certification required etc – and then pick the correct product from a list….but that same internal sales team armed with an understanding of not just the basic product features, but how they interact in the wider "hazardous area" world can offer much better advice and support to the client. A manufacturing company producing cast Exd enclosures…by providing the warehousing and shipping staff with a basic understanding off hazardous areas and the importance of flamepaths for example (not jut from a view of the financial implications to the company if they are damaged) they are far more likely to recognise the importance of real care in shipping and handling of these types of products. BDM's, sales support, shipping, warehousing, assembly, - they can all benefit your business through a greater understanding of hazardous areas.

Offline and online product knowledge training

For years, classroom instructor-led training (ILT) was the most popular way to educate employees (and still has its place today. )The direct contact between the instructor and the audience can helps participants digest information more easily and allows the trainer to monitor learners’ reactions, adjust the session program to their needs, and keep them engaged.

On the other hand, offline product training has disadvantages:

· Conducting regular offline meetings requires considerable costs: trainers’ salaries, travel expenses, training room rental, printed materials, and much more.

· You need to gather learners together at one place, drawing them away from the working process (and the current pandemic reality makes this close to impossible).

· The staff in distant offices always receive delayed information (unless your trainers have advanced teleportation skills).

Thanks to modern technologies, we have a solution that helps us to overcome all those restrictions – and that is online training. Online product training makes information accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Blayds online learning suite of courses use a mix of text, video and online quizzes to ensure the learner understands and retains the information being delivered. We can, on request, deliver this training on-site as required – offering the best of both worlds.

Our courses are all CPD assessed and approved, providing learners with a certified learning experience.

To learn more about or courses, or to discuss group bookings, visit here

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