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Name that Cable Gland.....

CMP Triton. Hawke Universal. SWA Storm.

All well known names within the cable gland world. But what about the often used terms such as E1WF, A2, BW and so on - what do these mean?

Well, wonder no more.

The table above outlines generic cable gland nomeclature used across both industrial and hazardous area industries. Looking for a double seal gland for terminating a braided cable into an Exe enclosure? Then you need an E1XE cable gland. Specification calls for an A2E cable gland? Then you will need an Exe certified gland with single seal for unarmoured cables.

Of course, this alone may not be sufficient in specifying a cable gland for every application. More information on the environment, material, certification and applicable standards amongst other things must be taken into consideration.

If you need help with any aspect of cable gland specification or selection, please reach out to us at Blayds . With over 20+ years of experience in cable gland design, selection, certification and termination we are here to help

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