Wolf Safety Xenon Straight Torch


The Wolf Safety T4 xenon straight torch has 230 lumens lighting power and range of 5m. It is a reliable, simple and cost-effective portable light in a straight body style. This model gives outstanding light output using advanced, long-life bulbs. It is set in a high-quality parabolic reflector, coupled with alkaline cell approval to give up to 12 hours of light output. This compact torch design has a high-grip ergonomic form with easy single-handed switching, even with gloved hands. Its thermoplastic body offers high strength, and proven impact resistance even at sub-zero temperatures, using carefully selected thermoplastic resins with excellent chemical resistance. Additionally, the rubber armoured lens ring and end cap give enhanced grip and shock protection. The lens is scratch and chemical resistant. The right-angled model incorporates a replaceable high strength thermoplastic belt clip for hands-free use. Its design allows the straightforward battery and bulb replacement. A spare bulb is fitted in the bulb holder for quick and convenient replacement.


Features and Benefits


High energy alkaline cell certified
Low power indicator option
Ultimate light output
Xenon filled filament bulb
2 x 1