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T Sure™ thermally reactive T-Class rating labels produce an irreversible colour change if the specified T Rating is met or exceeded. 


Manufactured from anti-static durable Oil & water resistant materials, the T Sure™ labels offer a unique visual safeguard in Hazardous Areas, helping to monitor temperatures 24-7 in a simple, low-cost, passive (non-powered) and non-maintained label.


Once fitted to the Hazardous Area equipment, such as a light fixture, enclosure, control station, cable etc the T Sure T-Rating indicating strip will change from a silver to black, producing an irriversible colour change if activated. This will ensure that if the T-Rating has been exceeded at any time during operating, this can be seen during routine inspection and maintenance and therefore rectified - eliminating a future explosion risk.


1000 @ £1.78 each, 500 @ £2.00 each, 250 @ £2.25 each, 200 @ £2.75 each, 150 @ £2.88 each, 100 @ £3.28 each, 1 @ £3.59 each


Available in T6  85°C, T5 100°C, T4 135°C and T3 200°C

T Sure™ T-Rating Label

Excluding VAT
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