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T Sure™ thermally reactive battery monitoring  labels produce an irreversible colour change if the specified temperature is met or exceeded, with 6 temperature indication windows per label between 29°C and 44°C


Manufactured from anti-static durable Oil & water resistant materials, the T Sure™ labels offer a unique visual safeguard, helping to monitor temperatures 24-7 in a simple, low-cost, passive (non-powered) and non-maintained label.


Once fitted to the equipment, such as a battery, control station, etc the T Sure thermal indicating strip will change from a silver to black, producing an irriversible colour change if activated. This will ensure that if theindicated temperature has been exceeded at any time during operating, this can be seen during routine inspection and maintenance and therefore rectified - eliminating a future failure and ensuring peak performance


1000 @ £1.78 each, 500 @ £2.00 each, 250 @ £2.25 each, 200 @ £2.75 each, 150 @ £2.88 each, 100 @ £3.28 each, 1 @ £3.59 each

T Sure™ Battery Thermal Monitor

Excluding VAT
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