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Everything you need (including some things that you didn't know you needed) to terminate cable glands - both Hazardous Area as well as Industrial Cable Gland styles, with total component RRP well in excess of £300. Kits come in a tool bag for ease of transportation and include:


2 x Knipex Adjustable flat-face wrenches (adjustable to 60mm) 

1 x Self-retracting blade

1 x Hacksaw

1 x Electrician Scissors

1 x Nips

1 x Kevlar/braid nips

1 x Automatic wire Stripper 

1 x Allen Key set

1 x Insulated Screwdriver Set (6 replaceable heads)

1 x Ratchet cable cutter

1 x Vernier

1 x Needlenose Plier

1 x Pair safety gloves

1 x Pair safety glasses

3 x Quick-release re-useable Cable Ties

1 x tool bag



Cable Gland Termination Tool Kits

Excluding VAT
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