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Each Abzorbs® sachet will absorb roughly 25-30ml of liquid, is self-regenerating and contains no charging mechanism - making it safe for use in most hazardous area equipment.

Abzorbs® are delivered in packs of 10 sachets. For large volume enclosures, multiple Abzorbs® sachets can be used if deemed necessary. Suitable for use in T6 & T5 rated equipment. 


The Abzorbs® sachets can be used to help control water ingress in most electrical, non-electrical or mechanical equipment subject to:​


  1. High humidity & heavy rainfall
  2. Large temperature fluctuations
  3. Exposed outdoor locations


Equipment such as Ex lighting, enclosures, control panels, switchgear, motors, gearboxes etc can all benefit from the use of Abzorbs® Each sachet measures ca 100 x 35mm


Excluding VAT
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