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IEC60079-14 ANNEX E


What we offer

Restricted breathing test as outlined in IEC60079-14 Annex E, to ascertain suitability of cable for use with either standard Exd cable glands or requiring compound (barrier) type cable glands.

How we test

Test is completed in line with requirements set out in the standard. Our bespoke manufactured test rig meets the requirements as stated in 60079-14 Annex E.
Pressure gauge calibration certificate is provided with test report(s)

What you receive

  • Test report

  • Test rig calibration certificate

  • Knowledge of whether to use standard or barrier glands, possibly saving £1000's

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IEC 60079-14: 2013 Standard allows Duty Holders to use a ‘standard’ Ex certified Exd flameproof gland as opposed to a Ex certified ‘barrier gland’ (also known as a compound gland) without the requirement to apply the previous flowchart used in the British Standard which identified the glanding requirements based on gas group/zone/enclosure size, provided that the duty holder uses:

  1. IEC 60079-14: 2013, Clause 10.6.2

  2. Cables and glands meeting all of the following:

  • cable glands complying with IEC 60079-1

  • cables used comply with (Clause) 9.3.2 (a)

  • the connected cable is at least 3m in length.

What this means?

A non-barrier/non compound Exd cable gland with a standard compression/displacement/diaphragm type seal may be used provided that the cable being terminated is over 3m long, is certified Exd and meets the requirements as set out in 9.3.2. 

"A cable with a length of 0,5 m should be type tested when installed into a sealed enclosure of 5L. The cable is considered acceptable if the time interval required for an internal overpressure of at least 0,3 kPa to drop by 0,15 kPa is not less than 5 s."

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