Protecting people and assets in hazardous areas


The HOT topic

The range of T Sure™ temperature labels are designed to prevent catastrophic failures and to protect equipment and life. T Sure™ can be fitted in Zones 1,2,21 & 22 to provide a visual indication during routine inspections as to whether the T-rating has been exceeded at any time during operation.



The label itself is low-cost, simple to install and is maintenance-free. Once applied to a clean, grease free surface a permanent irreversible colour change from silver white / orange (depending on label type) to black indicates that the rating has been reached.  The T Sure™ can be fitted both internally and externally offering un-rivalled ease of use.

How does it work

T Sure™ thermally reactive T-Class rating labels produce an irreversible colour change if the specified T-Rating is met or exceeded. 


Manufactured from anti-static durable oil & water resistant materials, the T Sure™ labels offer a unique visual safeguard in Hazardous Areas, helping to monitor temperatures 24-7 in a simple, low-cost, passive (non-powered) and non-maintained label.


Once fitted to the Hazardous Area equipment, such as a light fixture, enclosure, control station, cable etc the T Sure™ T-Rating indicator strip will change from a silver/white to black, producing an irreversible colour change if activated. This will ensure that if the T-Rating has been exceeded at any time during operation, this can be seen during routine inspection and maintenance and therefore rectified - eliminating a future explosion risk.


Available in T6  85°C, T5 100°C, T4 135°C and T3 200°C

T-Sure T6 activated.JPG

Read our Whitepaper

Our whitepaper, The HOT topic: T-Ratings explains in full the dangers associated with excess heat in hazardous areas and how T Sure™ thermal labels can help minimise risk in explosive atmospheres.

Features & benefits

  • Low cost

  • Maintenance free

  • Passive - no power source required

  • Oil, water and Steam resistant

  • Anti-static

  • Tolerance of +/- 1°C for T6,  +/- 1.5 °C for T5 & T4 and +/- (1% +1 °C) for T3 

  • Immediate response time & irreversible reaction

  • Custom text / branding available upon request - contact us for leadtimes